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AWWWE Look at the Lil Guy! by ShardTheIceNight AWWWE Look at the Lil Guy! :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 7 0 Sunset Landscape Thing by ShardTheIceNight Sunset Landscape Thing :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 2 0 Ask My OCs #1 get rekt by ShardTheIceNight Ask My OCs #1 get rekt :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 3 2 Shard Icon Thing by ShardTheIceNight Shard Icon Thing :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 3 2 Shard But Idk What Color To Make Her by ShardTheIceNight Shard But Idk What Color To Make Her :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 0 Scalescorcher OC Ref by ShardTheIceNight Scalescorcher OC Ref :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 8 3 Sunset OC by ShardTheIceNight Sunset OC :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 2 Lars Is Low Tier by ShardTheIceNight Lars Is Low Tier :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 3 0 Ask My Ocs Stuff!! by ShardTheIceNight Ask My Ocs Stuff!! :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 0 1 Heatstroke Ref by ShardTheIceNight Heatstroke Ref :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 1 Rest In Peace, Club Penguin by ShardTheIceNight Rest In Peace, Club Penguin :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 3 1 Aquamarine Face by ShardTheIceNight Aquamarine Face :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 3 0 I Hear You, Sister by ShardTheIceNight I Hear You, Sister :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 6 3 Shard Ref Sheet by ShardTheIceNight Shard Ref Sheet :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 16 12
Wings and Scales: Chapter 4
    Opal could hear the night dragon's roar shake the earth. She knew it was coming for her. She looked in the corner of her eye to see him right behind her. It took Opal a while to realize that the dragon had Bigjaws and Masato in its talons. They didn't move or speak.
    Opal panicked and flapped her wings for a boost, but soon tripped over the root of a nearby tree and fell into a ditch. She attempted to recover from her fall, but a shock of pain rushed from her wrist. She clutched her broken hand and turned her head to look at the stars.
The night became eerily silent. Opal stood back up on her feet, shaking from the cold wind. An owl broke the silence with its strange raspy hoots. Opal watched the owl for a while and started to head home.
    "Where are YOU going, Draconian?" a voice called from the tree.
Opal became startled and looked at the owl.
"Yes, you" it said, ruffling
:iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 0 0
Opal Head by ShardTheIceNight Opal Head :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 2


All I See Is Darkness by xTheDragonRebornx All I See Is Darkness :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 177 39
Meeting Moon Ch. 1
Chapter 1
  Moonlight slowly opened her eyes as sun started slipping into her small cave as dawn came. She got up from a small collection of leaves that served as her bed.
  Moonlight slowly walked out of her cave on the side of a small hill on a small island off the southwestern coast of Pyrriah and leaped off the ledge. She loved to fly. In the air all of her worries disappeared. Up here she was free.
  She twisted and dove toward the ocean. Moonlight decided she needed to wash the dust off her scales. Her scales always seemed to collect a lot of dust when she was sleeping so she needed to take a swim every day or two. She didn't mind though. Swimming was like flying... Except she couldn't move as fast or breathe.
  She first skimmed the top of the water with her claws, then flipped and dove into the water below. She used her wings to propel her farther into the water. Once she got far enough and she looked around. She saw many fish
:iconmoonwatcherscrafts:MoonwatchersCrafts 4 7
Meeting Moon Ch. 2
         "My name is Firelight," he said.
         He extended his large wings and motioned for her to sit next to him.  Moonlight got up and sat next to him and he wrapped his wing around her.  Moonlight felt a feeling a she had never felt before, safety.  She felt safe next to him, as if he will protect her forever.  She leaned into him and relaxed.
         "My name is Moonlight," she said.  The visions were still swirling through her mind and she let them.  He was hers and she was his.  Except he didn't know that.  As much as she wanted to tell him, she was scared. Moonlight say several timelines that showed her that if she told him now, he may not be hers.  But in not telling him she was also opening up some possibilities to where he fell in love with another dragon. She pushed the visions from her mind and got back to the real world.
:iconmoonwatcherscrafts:MoonwatchersCrafts 4 1
Winter's Trouble by MoonwatchersCrafts Winter's Trouble :iconmoonwatcherscrafts:MoonwatchersCrafts 11 3 Raptor Anatomy and Perspective Tutorial by ShinyAquaBlueRibbon Raptor Anatomy and Perspective Tutorial :iconshinyaquablueribbon:ShinyAquaBlueRibbon 512 123 Steelfire: Assasin by ZeDancingDragonz Steelfire: Assasin :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 4 9 Overwatch fan character by NeonCarla Overwatch fan character :iconneoncarla:NeonCarla 11 0 for queen by Queen-Apocalypse for queen :iconqueen-apocalypse:Queen-Apocalypse 7 6 Adopt 4: NightWing (Closed) by Darkumbreon92 Adopt 4: NightWing (Closed) :icondarkumbreon92:Darkumbreon92 13 17 CM: Helicoprion by Darkumbreon92 CM: Helicoprion :icondarkumbreon92:Darkumbreon92 8 2 Wings of Fire: Scarbearer the Ice/Night Hybrid by BlackDragon-Studios Wings of Fire: Scarbearer the Ice/Night Hybrid :iconblackdragon-studios:BlackDragon-Studios 20 34 In The Light Of The Moon by TheRouxzeeSkyWing In The Light Of The Moon :icontherouxzeeskywing:TheRouxzeeSkyWing 24 3 StormWing Hybrid Adoptables (OPEN) by weredragon666 StormWing Hybrid Adoptables (OPEN) :iconweredragon666:weredragon666 7 19 WoF - Aquarmarin by chrissi1997 WoF - Aquarmarin :iconchrissi1997:chrissi1997 37 6 MT New Hybrid Frigidphantom by MasterThunda22 MT New Hybrid Frigidphantom :iconmasterthunda22:MasterThunda22 31 37



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AWWWE Look at the Lil Guy!
This is Conure, my new minor OC. As you can see, she's obsessed with birbs!!! My green cheek conure, Peridot, inspired me to draw Conure. Conure usually stays with a color pattern similar to a green cheek conure, but she also changes colors to other birbs like sun conures and macaws. She's one of Shard's friends and helps her out in tough situations like when she's sad. She's just like a typical RainWing except more birbs lol.
Sunset Landscape Thing
Decided to do a bit of painting. Also this is my first ever digital art painting!!!
Hey i was just wondering if somebody could tell me the plot and basics of the Warriors series (that one with the cats) because i heard that they're really good and... ya know. I'm really bad at reading new books and sticking with them lol


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Hai I like dragons Steven Universe Overwatch and other games like Mario Bros :3 my OC, Shard, likes potatoes and also likes cheese :).

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