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Shard The... Sand Night??? :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 1 Alp the SkyWing :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 5 0 Elements of Ryu Shima :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 4 Overwatch OC: Wildfire :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 2 0 Creatures of Ryu Shima: the Figer :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 2 0 My Cringy First Drawing of Shard :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 2 0 Mega Charizard X Pixel Build :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 0 Creatures of Ryu Shima: Troodawn :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 0
Wings and Scales: Chapter 3
The team decided to take their time and go for a hike through the forest so they could all relax and get along (except for Masato, who went home hours ago). Symphony played with Opal and watched her shape shift into various forms such as a shell drake and a wyvern. Opal appreciated that somebody was interested in what she did. Not even Ronin had the time to do so. Opal soon realized that she had not told him about anything that happened yesterday.
I need to get home soon, she thought.
"Ooh! Ooh! Can you breathe fire?" said Symphony with excitement. Opal shape shifted to a draco and breathed in deeply. You can do this. You've been practicing for months, Opal thought. She opened her mouth as wide as she could so the fire would spread farther, and a purple flame was shot from her mouth. Symphony watched in amazement as the flame grew larger and larger. "YEAH! That's so awesome!" said Symphony. Opal tried to smile at her. She fin
:iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 0 0
A Pear :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 0 Sunny Lineart Practice :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 0 Centi :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 4 0 Creatures of Ryu Shima: Shell Drake :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 0 Evil Space Giraffe :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 0 Neat Suprize :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 5 Midnight's Flight :iconshardtheicenight:ShardTheIceNight 1 2


Flash ref sheet :iconmacaw-the-rainwing:Macaw-the-Rainwing 2 5 Raptor Anatomy and Perspective Tutorial :iconshinyaquablueribbon:ShinyAquaBlueRibbon 506 115 Steelfire: Assasin :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 3 9 Overwatch fan character :iconneoncarla:NeonCarla 10 0 for queen :iconqueen-apocalypse:Queen-Apocalypse 7 6 Adopt 4: NightWing (Closed) :icondarkumbreon92:Darkumbreon92 13 17 CM: Helicoprion :icondarkumbreon92:Darkumbreon92 8 2 Wings of Fire: Scarbearer the Ice/Night Hybrid :iconblackdragon-studios:BlackDragon-Studios 20 34 In The Light Of The Moon :icontherouxzeeskywing:TheRouxzeeSkyWing 24 3 StormWing Hybrid Adoptables (OPEN) :iconweredragon666:weredragon666 7 19 WoF - Aquarmarin :iconchrissi1997:chrissi1997 37 6 MT New Hybrid Frigidphantom :iconmasterthunda22:MasterThunda22 31 37 Mud-Ice-NightWing hybrid :iconstarfire-the-hybrid:Starfire-the-hybrid 17 3 Icewing/Nightwing :iconsea-of-ink:sea-of-ink 4 1 NightWing Hybrid Adopts- Open :iconamberstorm233:Amberstorm233 7 21 Wings of Fire: Scarbearer the Ice/NightWing :iconblackdragon-studios:BlackDragon-Studios 27 25


Shard The... Sand Night???
So this is kind of an announcement that I might change Shard's dragon species because I'm just not really interested in IceWings and NightWings anymore (no offence IceWing and NightWing fans). Then again, I might change my mind about this weird change. The reason I might change Shard is.. because...


SOOOOOOO yeah this means that I'll need to change my name... Hmmm
Idk if anyone even cares about this change buuuuut ya know.
Alp the SkyWing
Name: Alp
Other Names: Al,

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Tribe: SkyWing (Some dragons claim that he is part IceWing, but this is false)

Abilities: One of the best fliers in Pyrrhia, no fire, not very strong when it comes to fighting.

Appearance: Very pale orange and peach scales, transparent underbelly, maroon horns, huge wings, yellow eyes.

Backstory: Alp's egg was laid in a cave in the Sky Kingdom, when Queen Ruby was ruling. Unfortunately, Ruby was assassinated during the SeaWing Ambush. Thousands were killed, including Alp's parents, Cardinal and Whydah.
Days later after the ambush, he hatched to see hundreds SkyWing and SeaWing soldiers lying on the floor, defeated. He was confused, but learned how to take care of himself. He discovered that he probably should have been able to breathe fire, but that didn't stop him from doing what he loved: flying. He would fly around the arena for as long as he could and longer.
About 2 years later, he found out that a few SkyWings and one SeaWing had survived with him. Alp was scared to know that he was not alone because he had never seen another dragon before. The dragons, Tornado, Canyon, Sierra, and even the SeaWing, Briny, decided to rebuild what they had lost and take care of Alp until he would be able to go to Jade Mountain Academy. Sierra eventually became queen of the SkyWings and Alp was almost like her adopted dragonet. Briny decided to live with the SkyWings and even had a dragonet with a SkyWing.
Elements of Ryu Shima

This is just a little thing I made with all 28 (yes, 28 made up elements instead of 4) elements to get a good idea of what types of abilities and powers dragons and other creatures have in Ryu Shima.

Fire is the first element discovered.

Legend is the rarest element and has only been seen once for only about 4 seconds.

Just to let you know, the Flower (nature) and Forest element are not the same. The Forest type is more of a rainforest-chameleon kind of element. Nature is based off of flowers and plants :)
Overwatch OC: Wildfire
Nicknames: Wildfire

Age: 14

Species: Used to be human, now is a dinosaur-like creature

Quote: "There is a fire within me that needs to be unleashed"

Sorry for the lack of a story or a bio. I will add them later :) (Smile) 
Creatures of Ryu Shima: the Figer
Yes I couldn't come up with a better name so this will have to do. The figer is... a tiger panther hybrid with fire. It is the guardian of the Fire Kingdom. DON'T PET ITS STRIPES. They will burn you unless for some reason they are tame. Also this is a GIF!


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